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Meet Juston - Our New Intern

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Juston is our new intern working at Fig Café, our in-house restaurant.

Juston's story is coming soon.

Thanks to a the Community Foundation, we were able to hire Juston.

Juston gets our restaurant started for a busy day by setting chairs around the tables on the porch,  making our first pot of coffee and getting the open sign out to the street, his witty comments floating after him, making all of us smile. The day has begun!

Juston started working at Fig @ Courtney's House as an intern March 2017. He began as our main grounds maintenance person, keeping our beautiful backyard prepped for guests as well as our large events. He's taken care of the walkways, driveways and back yard, keeping them neat and tidy. He's also been in charge of our garden, keeping our vegetables and herbs watered and healthy.

Juston has moved into working Monday through Friday as our Front of the House morning staff. He gets the restaurant up and running for our early breakfast guests. He is a multi-tasker setting up the porch, seating guests, taking and serving drink orders.

Juston has also done some training of our Cuesta Psych Tech students. He loves to orient our job coaches to the restaurant and the various tasks he performs. His favorite part of his job is to interact with customers. 

Thanks to a two-year $50,000 grant from the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County, we were able to hire Juston in November 2019. We are grateful to have him at Fig as he continues to be a valuable part of our crew.

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