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Maggie is Moving On!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The skills Maggie gained while interning at Fig have enabled her to transition to a new job!

Maggie working with her job coach.

In 2016, a very enthusiastic Maggie joined our volunteer internship at Fig. In the early days of our program each participant rotated into dishwasher, kitchen prep, and host.

(In the video, Maggie is saying goodbye to her co-worker Emily.)

A year later, Maggie applied for a paid internship through the state which required her to set a work goal, she chose prep cook. She had a team of job coaches and mentors in the kitchen supporting her growth and culinary success.

We eventually hired Maggie onto our staff to plate & run food, prep chimichurri, fig chutney, salad dressings, and so much more.

We are very excited that Maggie is moving on to a new employment adventure. Thank you Maggie for a positive attitude and dedication to a job well done....we are going to miss you!

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Courtney’s House is a nonprofit organization offering vocational training and employment, in addition to social & life skills training for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (ID/D), an underserved population in our community.

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