Social & Life Skills Training

Everyone is entitled to live their life in safety without being mistreated, hurt or exploited by others. However, those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are less able to understand social situations and are vulnerable to unhealthy relationships that may result in harm or mistreatment.


People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities often have few friends and experience social exclusion. This can lead to depression and unhealthy quality of life for the individual, their families and the community at large.


Enrichment Classes are twice-weekly meetings in our Social & Life Skills Training program at Courtney’s House.  Participants learn skills in a safe and relaxing atmosphere that encourages teamwork and cooperation between friends. The interactions are led by staff and include arts and crafts, music, outings in town, dining together and guest speakers. **(Due to the recent COVID19 restrictions, our social gatherings were placed on hold. We are working on plans to restart this portion of our program now that restrictions are being eased)


The communication skills learned are also critical for success in our vocational training program and our interns often participate in both.


Leslie’s Story

Leslie's skill set grew significantly from her experiences in the vocational and social programs. Courtney's House enabled her to "come out of her shell" and have a fuller life. Today she is employed at Courtney's House.


“Six years ago, before joining Courtney’s House, Leslie did not carry conversations well. She would look to me to speak for her and avoided talking altogether,” says Carol Madruga, Leslie’s mom. “She was very withdrawn due to negative school and life experiences outside the home.”


“Since coming to Courtney’s House and interning at Fig, her self-esteem has blossomed. Our family is amazed at her level of confidence. She knows how to express herself and, for us, this is huge.”


Today, Leslie is enjoying life and her employment at Fig, our in-house restaurant.


Read Leslie's Full Story Here.


You can volunteer during our Social & Life Skills classes! It is very rewarding volunteer work and we could use your help! To learn more about volunteering visit our "How to Help" page. You can also email our program manager at